How To Make Instagram Reels

Are you curious about how to make Instagram reels? This guide will show you how to create an engaging reel that will capture the attention of your followers. You’ll learn how to select the right clips, choose a great song, and design a beautiful cover for your reel. So let’s get started!

Steps To Make Instagram Reels:

1. Selecting Your Clips:

To begin, you’ll want to gather all of the clips that you want in your reel. Don’t worry about taking too long picking out these clips; this is a simple, creative process that is meant to be fun and engaging with your followers! 

Before you craft your reel we recommend selecting roughly ten seconds worth of footage for each clip. But if you only have 30 seconds’ worth of footage and still feel like it would make a great Instagram reel then by all means put it in there!

2. Editing Your Clips Together:

Once you have gathered all of the clips that are going into your reel, open up your favorite video editing software. 

There are many free video editors out there so find that works for you! We’ve listed some of the resources below.

For example, if you are using Windows Movie Maker, drag your clips into the timeline of the movie maker. 

Then preview your footage to see if it flows together nicely. If not, create a cut at each clip’s starting point by highlighting the section of the video that you want in your reel and pressing ctrl+x on a PC or command+x on a Mac. 

Then preview again to see if this edit gets rid of any choppiness between clips and makes the transitions seem more fluid.

3. Choosing A Song:

Once you have your clips edited together it’s time to choose a song! A good song choice will feel like the icing on the cake of your video, bringing the whole thing together and completing the final product.

Once again, don’t worry about picking a perfect song for your Instagram reel right away. 

The beauty of using a free streaming service is that you can try out different songs to see which ones work best with your footage. 

Remember, this isn’t a stressful process! This stage of making an Instagram reel is meant to be creative and fun! Take turns with friends or family members choosing songs from different genres until you find one that tickles all of your fancies.

4. Designing Your Reel’s Cover:

After you have the perfect song picked out for your Instagram reel, it’s time to make a cover! The cover for your video is what people see first before they press play on your video. 

It’s important to put some thought into how you want it to look so that it captures people’s attention and gets them excited about watching your reel! There are many different ways that you can design your cover, but an effective way would be designing something that ties in with the theme of the music. 

So if you’re using a song from Disney’s Frozen soundtrack then perhaps an ice-themed background would go well with this particular type of music choice.

5. Publishing Your Video On Instagram:

Once all of these steps have been completed, go ahead and publish your video on Instagram! Remember that you can add an emoji to the beginning of every video that you post. This is a great way to personalize your reels since people use emojis in their own captions when posting their own videos.

6. Encouraging People To Share Your Video:

A good tactic for promoting sharing of your reel is including an invitation to do so at the end of your caption. 

You can say something like “Please be sure to share this video with all of your friends!” or “I love seeing my followers’ reels – tag me in yours!” This will get more attention on your video and make it go viral on the ‘Gram.

7. Sharing Your Reel On Other Social Media Platforms:

Now that you have this amazing reel on Instagram it’s time to share it on other social media platforms as well! 

Remember, your goal is to get as many instagram views as possible so why not post the same video on Facebook and Twitter as well? Just make sure you are not adding any watermarks or logos to your videos for this sharing process. Let them shine in their pure, original beauty without any extra things attached!


And voila! You now know how to make an Instagram reel and all the steps involved in doing so. It’s a simple process if you keep these steps in mind and most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different song choices and design ideas until you find that perfect combination that looks great with your footage.

Thanks for reading!

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